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Welcome to American Garage Door & Opener of Lithonia, where we sell, service, and mount the majority of garage doors and roll-up doors in Lithonia, Georgia and surrounding Atlanta. Call us today!

We service all the major manufacturers.

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How to purchase a Lithonia Garage Door

The key emphasis to having your garage door mounted is selecting your garage door. This begins with selecting the size which will work for your garage. Garage doors are available in many different sizes that could match your garage opening. You must take careful measurements of your garage door after which you can meet with a Lithonia garage door installation professional. Grab the height, width, and depth measurements of your existing garage door.

Deciding upon the style of your garage door is the next step. There are a plethora of different choices. The leading distinctions are in the panel styles. Flush panels tend to be flat and blend nicely into the exterior wall surfaces of the house. Flush panels are smooth and produce a modest declaration of elegance. Short raised panels add depth, nevertheless they match very well with colonial, Victorian or Tudor style homes.

Garage doors are frequently the most ignored and under-appreciated parts of the home. They account for just about 30% of the front side exterior of your house. A lot of people never give them a second thought, but a garage door can easily tremendously boost the style and curb appeal of your home. Hardly any other place in your home is as adaptable as the garage. From storage space to working area, a garage can serve up a number of uses.

Lithonia Garage Door Materials

Immediately after design and style, choosing the materials your garage door is manufactured out of is the next necessary choice. Wood is definitely the most versatile with many coatings and styles to match any budget. They can be painted or stained. Steel garage doors are available in three different versions and provide a cheap alternative to wooden doors. They are also made with one sheet of galvanized steel, double layer steel garage doors or triple layer steel garage doors. Each individual layer of provides a higher level of protection and value, the most affordable of these is the one layer steel garage door.

Lithonia Insulated Garage Doors

Right now, individuals are spending more time in their garages, and this has become a significant issue. Insulated garage doors keep the temperature stable in the garage and protect it from the elements. The insulation ratings of doors are noted which has an “R” rating. In cool climates, you will need at least an R-3 but might need to go up to an R-10 or better. Together with getting the right insulation rating, you should look into weatherizing your entire garage to keep energy costs low.

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