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Choosing a garage door is an important decision. You’d like to ensure you pick a style that is certainly appropriate for the architecture of the dwelling that supplies the functionality you desire.. At Garage Door Lithonia we provide many styles of garage doors priced affordably to meet every homeowners demands.

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Essentially you’ll find four fundamental kinds of garage doors to choose from. Every single one of those garage door kinds has its personal way of opening. A number of them work together with the standard garage door opening area, but particular kinds may perhaps be a better fit according to the use of the garage along with the width of the driveway.

Garage Doors Lithonia Ga

The rolling garage door is an excellent alternative in case your driveway is compact. Because, as the name implies, they roll up in to the garage ceiling instead of swinging out and back. This saves area inside your driveway. Roller garage doors are most generally automated permitting them to become simply controlled by a garage door opener.

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This really is by far the most common variety of garage door. This style of door pivots out and up toward the garage ceiling. When the door is opened it rests up against the ceiling of the garage. Although these doors are commonly less pricey then other types, hence their recognition, they can lead to crowding within the driveway. This sort of door can be manual or automated. They could also be upgraded from manual to automated with the use of a garage door opener.

Garage Door Lithonia GA

Sectional garage doors are the ultimate area savers. This style of garage door is pulled up under the garage ceiling with no loss of driveway area. The benefit of this style of garage door is that you can park your vehicle close with no worry. Sectional garage doors are a more advanced installation which will be handled by our devoted and helpful staff.

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The swing hung garage door could be the original. Resting on a pivotal hinge this style of garage door swings out and rests above your head. The simplicity in form comes with the added price tag of taking up driveway area. Those who want an authentic look might be prepared to sacrifice function for form. Our highly-trained experts will make it easier to obtain the door that fits your wants and install it immediately.

We proudly serve all more than the Lithonia Georgia and Atlanta Georgia regions like: Smyrna, Kennesaw, Sandy Springs, Canton, Woodstock, Dunwoody, Roswell and Vinings.

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